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Finn 18yo Warmblood, Dressage

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

Arthritic hocks, rebalance for horse and rider

Finn is used primarily for Dressage, I have treated him and his rider hoping that the bowen therapy will relieve the arthritis in his hocks, and re balance them both as a combination.

Client testimonial

" Finn is covering the ground so much better, any bridle lameness has disappeared and hes so much softer in his contact "

Finn enjoyed his treatments immensely. He responded classically, licking and chewing, yawning and relaxing through out the whole therapy. He had a few sore spots which improved over the 3 sessions.

His stride has noticeably increased and is much more supple to the right. A very pleasing result all round.

Finns owner/rider is also having bowen treatments and fitness has improved dramatically. Her upper body posture has improved, therefore stabilizing her right lower leg. This is benefiting the both of them as they are now working together more symmetrically.

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